Top 4 Mobile Bitcoin Wallets for Android that You Should Consider in 2018

Top 4 Mobile Bitcoin Wallets for Android that You Should Consider in 2018

When you are a bitcoin user that is constantly on the go and you are always looking for ways and places in which you can use this crypto currency, then a mobile wallet really is the best option for someone like you. The ability of having your bitcoin wallet on you at any time buy just going onto your mobile device is a great perk to have, which is why mobile wallets are such a great tool to have. In this article we are specifically going to focus on mobile bitcoin wallets that are available on Android devices, so if you are interested, definitely keep on reading.


This is actually an option that is a favorite amongst bitcoin users, which means that even if you are a beginner this will be a great option for you. This HD wallet has tons of incredible features and one of those features is the ability for you to connect this mobile wallet to a hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger. This means that by using this wallet you are able to have multiple wallets to control your bitcoins and that is actually a thing that all of the pros love to do for extra security, while still having the portability and practicality of a mobile wallet.

Bitcoin wallet

This wallet says it all in the name. It is a bitcoin wallet that is super easy and simple to use, it can connect directly to the bitcoin network by using SPV and more. Another great feature that is worth mentioning is the fact that this wallet is very easy to back up, which is really important because you always want your wallet to be backed up, but sometimes the process can be so complicated that a lot of people either don’t know how to do it, or simply don’t have the time for it. Thankfully, this wallet makes that super important step very easy.


If you have ever heard of the GreenAdress online wallet, then you’ll know how good it is. This is actually the native version of that wallet. It is super-fast and easy to use and it also has the ability to support other hardware wallets, which as we mentioned before is a feature that can be really helpful and something that you should always appreciate having.


Perfect for everyday use, this wallet can be integrated with Fold which means that anytime you visit Starbucks you will be able to get a 20% discount from within the wallet itself. This wallet is perfect for any users that don’t have a lot of technical knowledge because it has the ability to manage account with usernames and passwords, but it still doesn’t have any access to your funds. The wallet also makes backing up a lot easier, so that’s definitely another bonus.

As we said before, mobile bitcoin wallets are a great perk to have, more than anything because of their practicality and how easy they are to access. If you are an Android user, we hope that this article was helpful and that you found an option that fulfils all of your bitcoin needs.

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